AVI BUFFALO: ‘Truth Sets In.’

AVI BUFFALO are a four-piece band based in Long Beach, California who produce (at least based on this single release anyway) what you may rather stereotypically expect of a band from that region of the world – laid-back, bright, summery pop music. 

‘Truth Sets In’ is just that.  Its relaxed, shimmering sound and lush, luxurious vocals are supplemented by hand-claps, what sounds like a flute, and softly picked guitar played to mimic a glockenspiel. 

Starting ever so quietly, the song builds from a brief acoustic intro with a lovely little electric guitar ‘plink,’ into one of glorious harmony as Avi and keyboard player Rebecca Coleman provide a fresh perspective on US teenage life. 

What’s so remarkable about this track is that it manages to steer clear of the dreaded ‘twee’ tag. It does sail dangerously close, but somehow maintains that relaxed feel without getting all sugary and sickly. 

The band’s new album has garnered many glowing reviews and certainly if ‘Truth Sets In’ is indicative of the quality, it is easy to understand that this young band (I believe the oldest member to be only twenty-one years old) are being touted as one of the ‘discoveries’ of 2010.

(Released through Sub Pop on 16th August 2010) 

(8.5 / 10) 



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