WOW! Something different! 

This is completely ‘over the top’ but it’s so infectious and fun, you can’t help but love it! 

FOXY SHAZAM are a sextet from Cincinnati with a leaning towards Rock ‘n’ Soul, and a propensity to put a smile on the face of all who hear them. They have been around since 2004, but are shortly to release their eponymous debut ‘major label’ album, with this preceded by their first UK single, ‘Oh Lord.’ 

The opening horns are slightly misleading  (this is neither a Yorkshire Brass band competition nor a Church ceremony) and the song quickly explodes into a riot of posing, strutting and theatrical vocals. The piano and horns combine brilliantly with the guitars as lead singer Eric belts out the vocals like Justin Hawkins would should his voice ever break. The sound is really full and busy, with lots going on and the gang vocals through the choruses are quite irresistible.

There is the occasional terrible temptation to break into Scouting For Girls’ ‘She’s So Lovely’ and there’s also a slightly dodgy brief link where Eric resorts to whistling, but I guess that’s the beauty of FOXY SHAZAM ….. they quite obviously just don’t give a stuff for protocol. So they are forgiven! 

It’s all so very dramatic and exciting. Think of the brilliant Los Angeles band, The Blood Arm. Maybe a bit more on the ‘camp’ side, perhaps!

I tell you what… if it were Mika singing this one, it would be all over daytime radio. 

FOXY SHAZAM deserve the same attention! 

(Released through Sire Records on 27th September 2010) 



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