MOTHER MOTHER: ‘Body Of Years’

 I get the impression that Vancouver’s MOTHER MOTHER didn’t set out to be ‘different’ with this single…. they simply set out to be ‘good!’ This is a quality release, albeit with a slight sort of ‘retro’ feel about it.

It’s hard to describe, but both ‘Body Of Years,’ and the b-side, ‘Touch Up’ are really solid songs. There’s a certain depth about the sound, and a confidence of delivery. Both are direct and assured, with a warmth about them. 

The lead track opens with a steady beat and bass line in a sort of Police mode, but as soon as Molly and Jasmin’s dual vocal harmonies kick in the song takes on its own identity. Their tone is velvety with one in a lower register that the other. Despite both playing keys / synth and have understated but sturdy backing by the three lads, Ryan, Jeremy and Ali, there are thankfully only fleeting flickers of Eighties electro filtering through as they bring that slight ‘retro’ feel into the present. 

‘Touch Up’ also starts out with a similar bass line and initially sounds like the intro to a Gary Moore song! But again, it builds into something completely different to what may be initially expected. Partly I guess because of the female vocal harmonies and partly because of the subject matter (touching up make-up) I can’t get away from the thought of early Go Go’s. Musically there is a resemblance to a sort of ‘darker’ version of the Californian all-girl band of the Eighties, while the lyrics invoke memories of the artwork to their ‘Beauty and The Beat’ album. 

(Released through Last Gang Records on 20th September 2010) 

(8.5 / 10) 


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