Leeds trio DINOSAUR PILE-UP return with an absolute rocking single ahead of their debut album ‘Growing Pains’ being released in early October. 

‘Mona Lisa’ in the words of vocalist / guitarist Matt Bigland, is about “..having no money, no time, living on instant noodles, with no heating.” Something that many of us can identify with, and not just students! 

The song starts quietly but soon erupts into a driving guitar piece that sees the vocal duties initially undertaken by Matt alone in a sort of husky, light growled fashion. The sound overall is really full and meaty as the song races along at fair lick. 

The choruses are instantly hooky, and will no doubt engender much air punching and singing in a ‘live’ environment. Actually come to think of it, the whole song is going to have kids up and down the country jumping around their bedrooms and on their beds much in the same way as the nutters in that video for Feeder’s ‘Just A Day’! 

This one is really gonna get inside your head… in a good way. OK, so some are going to make reference to early Foo Fighters, but hey – if you’re going to be mentioned in the same couple of lines as Feeder and Foo Fighters, the only thing wrong is that your band is that the name doesn’t start with an ‘F.’ 

Wouldn’t it be so good to have a rock / alternative song in the charts for once? Just to prove that there is more to music than sterile, prefabricated and regurgitated urban stuff? 

‘Mona Lisa’ is of the quality to shift enough copy to perhaps make it happen. 

(Released through Friends Vs Records on 27th September 2010) 






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