It doesn’t come a lot better than this: two of Glasgow’s (no – make that Scotland’s) finest emerging bands on a split 7” vinyl single. Two bands of contrasting styles and sounds; two bands, two sides – no sub-quality, ‘didn’t make the album’ filler ‘b-side’ here. 

Let’s take SHe’S HiT first, since this is the first official release on their own label. 

SHe’S HiT are now a five-piece, having somewhat increased their profile in 2010 by not only playing support slots to The Dead Weather, Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster and Crocodiles, but also by the recruitment of Scott Paterson (guitarist with Sons and Daughters) on bass. 

‘Re:Peater’ is loud and brash enough to warrant being issued with an ASBO before it’s even removed from the record sleeve! The bass line and tribally thumped drums pound throughout, laying a solid foundation for the incessant, shrill, shredded guitar that leaves the listener a lasting impression of the song by means of ringing ears. Vocalist Div’s more so narrates the song than sings it. Like a Northern John Cooper Clarke, his slightly nasal delivery is fuzzed up with gentle reverb. 

There are so many influences at work within this exciting and vibrant track. Think along the likes of Jesus and Mary Chain, Suicide and The Cramps, all with a touch of the NY No Wave attitude and heading down to the beach for a surfing holiday.

 JACOB YATES AND THE PEARLY GATE LOCK PICKERS are also from Glasgow – although from much of their music you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise. ‘Can’t Stop’ conjures images, for me at least, of America’s Deep South, with steaming everglades and evangelical zealots preaching ‘the word.’ Jacob’s growled and gravelly vocals have that kind maddened feel about them. You certainly wouldn’t think of messin’! 

In fact the whole song, musical backing included exudes severe attitude. The beat is infectious as it stomps its message right through your head. A kind of ‘swamp stomp’ if you like.

There’s a feel of Dan Sartain about this track, but I think the beauty of JACOB YATES AND THE PEARLY GATE LOCK PICKERS lies in their ability to create an atmosphere and paint such vivid images with their music. It’s also bloody good fun!

Like I say, it doesn’t get much better than this. 

(Released through RE:PEATER RECORDS on 18th October 2010) 

(10 / 10)


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