ROCKBURN: ‘Red Dress’ EP

Bellshill (don’t call it Glasgow!) four-piece band ROCKBURN play a melodic, driven brand of Rock, based on the ‘Classic Rock’ of days gone by, but with an added modern twist. 

That the ‘modern twist’ on the lead track, ‘Red Dress’ takes the riff recently (in the scheme of things) made popular by Kasabian on their ‘Shoot The Runner’ track is a little obvious, but none-the-less OK by me! It gives the song a great, bouncy feel and with the slightly rasping vocals, pounding drums and nice little guitar solo, it has all the components of a classic Rock song. Perhaps however, it slightly outstays its welcome at four and a half minutes? Three and a half would have sufficed, I think. 

I say this because unfortunately the second track, ‘Night On Fire’ sounds to the uneducated ear, remarkably similar to its predecessor! That means listening to the same riff, beat and vocal style (different lyrics, if course!) for a total of eight consecutive minutes. Slightly disappointing. 

However, ROCKBURN quickly retrieve the situation with what is possibly the best track of the five, ‘Beautiful Morning.’ The pace is dropped and the volume turned down for the most part, but this one has a kind of chirpy blues feel with a really hooky chorus. There are some lush, warm female vocals around mid-song. It’s different, and quite radio friendly, I would have thought.

Actually, had I been choosing the track order, I’d have had ‘Beautiful Morning’ and the following ‘The Last Stop,’ as the lead songs. The latter has a stomping, acoustic Country / Western Rock sound, and is ideally suited to vocalist Stephen Baxter’s delivery. It would certainly rival the former as the best to showcase the band, I feel.

But I guess ROCKBURN really consider themselves more of a hard rock band, and this is maybe backed up by the completion of the EP with their version of Free’s ‘Wishing Well.’ It doesn’t stray too far from the original in fairness, but you’d have to question the validity of adding this to the EP. I mean, it’s one of THE Classic Rock songs of all time… and you’re just not going to improve on it. In fact, you’re only holding yourself out for judgement that will inevitably lead to comparison. OK – a ‘cover’ like could be pulled off in a ‘live’ environment, but I think I’d have steered clear of committing it to record. 

Overall however, this is a decent rock EP and worth checking out.

(Released on a download basis from October 11th 2010) 

(7.5 / 10)



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