THE BLUE AEROPLANES: ‘China Brilliance Automotive.’

Time to ‘fess up! Yes, I’d heard of THE BLUE AEROPLANES previously, but no, I hadn’t heard them before. Which is my excuse for thinking, on first (and even subsequent listening) of the new single ‘China Brilliance Automotive’ that the band were from the United States in general and New York in particular! 

(In fact they’re from Bristol.) 

But in my defence I have to say that this, the first new material from the band for around four years, sounds like it could have been echoing out of the entrance to CBGB’s in the mid Seventies. Which means that ‘China Brilliance Automotive’ is a ‘winner’ as far as this reviewer is concerned. 

The riff is distinctly Velvet Underground / Lou Reed inspired, with the half spoken / half sung vocals a hybrid of Reed himself and perhaps Jonathan Richman. The constant shake of maracas, gives the song an air of Seventies authenticity, and the psychedelic styled guitar solos have that kind of hazy, spaced-out feel about them. Even the length of the track at just short of five minutes marks it as an ‘epic.’ 

THE BLUE AEROPLANES are to release a new album in 2011, but apparently this particular track will not feature on it. However, if his is a measure of what to expect, then I for one can’t wait. 

B-side ‘My Good Self’ is certainly going to divide opinion. Frontman Gerard Langley describes it as a “psycho-traumatic rendition of inner conflict as might have been filmed in a spy movie…” 

It sure is different from the lead track. It basically consists of (presumably) Gerard narrating a tale over the top of a plaintive sounding, slow, gypsy-styled violin. It’s a bit of a ‘grower’ and is actually ‘ok,’ but hopefully this track will not feature on the album, for if THIS is a measure of what to expect, then I for one CAN wait! 

(Released through Albino Two on 18th October 2010) 

(9/10)….(based on ‘China Brilliance Automotive’ alone) 



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