TINA LIE: ‘Twilight Hour.’

‘Twilight Hour’ is taken from Tina’s latest album ‘Free Enough To Fall’ – an album that features at various points the likes of: Mauro Magellan (Georgia Satellites); Shaun Murphy (Little Feat / Bob Seeger) and Keith Sewell (Dixie Chicks / Ricky Skaggs.) From that short list of contributors, you can probably tell (a) the style of music Tina plays, and (b) the amount of respect that she quite obviously commands within the ‘roots-rock’ / Americana genres. 

And I know it shouldn’t seem so, but what makes the above so impressive is that not only was Tina born in Norway, she also still lives there – not exactly the epicentre of her preferred genre of music, I’m sure you’ll agree. 

Anyway, ‘Twilight Hour’ is probably as good an introduction to Tina’s music as any. Her voice is pretty individual – slightly ‘choked back’ and yet still superbly strong, but with smooth, rounded edges. The music is mid-tempo, with a kind of alt-country lilt reinforced by a lovely guitar solo that is made to sound like a fiddle / violin. 

It’s a really ‘solid’ song with good, warm depth to the sound. Not what I would personally go for it has to be said, but one of those enjoyable tracks that would keep you listening intently and tapping your fingers / feet if it came on the radio….. which it surely will. 

(Released through SIWU Music on 18th October 2010) 



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