CRADLE OF FILTH: ‘Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned)’

 Metal and ‘Extreme’ music has always intrigued me… but not sufficiently so that I would part with any of my pocket money to go buy the stuff. Consequently, my knowledge base probably merits no more than ‘interested’ far less ‘expert.’ (Well, honesty is the best policy, eh? Especially if what follows is considered a pile of poo by those with more of a background in this genre.) 

I know CRADLE OF FILTH are a British band, who have been purveying their take on gothic, satanic, horror metal since about 1994. The new album, ‘ Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa’ from which this single is taken, will be their ninth studio album and they are still the most successful UK heavy metal band since Iron Maiden. So regardless your take on this form of music, there’s no ignoring the fact that these guys know what it takes to become successful. This should be good, then…. 

It seems though that fan-opinion is split over the new album and this single, but lacking as I do in knowledge of their earlier output, I can only say that this to me is sort of stereo-typical, symphonic metal music. 

‘Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned) forges the satanic growls and searing guitar solos with big dramatic keyboard swirls and an added string section. Main vocalist Dani Filth is countered by the more dulcet and almost classical, female tones of keyboard player Ashley Ellyllon. As you’d expect, the drumming is furious and frantic, and although the song passes through a couple of quieter phases – where Ashley’s almost operatic vocals briefly take over – you’d broadly describe the overall tone and atmosphere created as ‘brutal.’ 

It’s pretty much as you’d expect, I think, of an extreme metal band, although it’s not quite as ‘extreme’ and inaccessible as the preconceived notions of possible casual listeners may have previously been. There are some ‘hooks;’ there is some harmony – but I bet you can’t whistle it! 

(Released through Abracadaver via Peaceville Records on 18th October 2010) 




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