ULTERIOR: ‘Sex War Sex Cars Sex’

 Those doubters who in 2008 dismissed the cult of ‘darkwave’ as merely another fickle fad of the music press and gullible Club-goers don’t look quite so smug now, do they? On this very site alone there have been reviews and interviews with bands that are, well …. illuminating (?) the scene some two years down the line.

One of the early proponents and subsequent mainstays are London four-piece ULTERIOR, who release their new single ‘SEX WAR SEX CARS SEX’ in early November, with an as yet unnamed album to follow early in 2011. 

You can cite all the ‘influences’ you want from the early Goth years, they’re all at work in ‘Sex War Sex Cars Sex:’ It’s a buzz-saw of a track; fast and unrelenting, it starts out loud with the sort of mono-toned and moody Eighties electro styled vocals effecting a couple of key changes but remaining prominent over the guitar, drums and synth.  You can sense the pressure building, building…. and then at mid-point comes the inevitable explosion of noise. A sharp shout signifies a change in rhythm as the pace slows for a while, the drums pounding an even more determined beat and the synths and sirens blare their intent to usurp the whole song. The chanted mantra of ‘Sex War Sex Cars Sex’ wins the day however, as this is repeated to fade. 

And then there is quiet. Ssssshhh….. 

(This single is to be released in an exclusive collaboration with Rough Trade Stores. A limited edition 7″ single will be available only to purchase at Rough Trade Stores in 3 colourways and an in-store appearance is planned to coincide with the album release.)

(Released on a download basis – and as above – through Speed Records on 1st November 2010) 




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