BEARSUIT: ‘Please Don’t Take Him Back.’

 God! Is it really five years ago since I bought a copy of the BEARSUIT album, ‘Team Ping Pong’? WOW!

I don’t suppose then that I should be at all surprised at how their sound has changed over the years. The band personnel have changed also, so it is obviously a rather futile exercise even contemplating any sort of comparison between then and now – although BEARSUIT have actually retained some of their fledgling charm and quirkiness that attracted me to their music back then. 

‘Please Don’t Take Him Back,’ is a bit of a disco mash-up that explodes at its conclusion into a little eccentric shriek-fest that sounds like a very genteel and polite sneezing fit! Preceding that however, the song operates along a very smooth groove of a floor-filler. I can envisage the synths and programmed handclaps echoing from halls of many a Uni’s Freshers’ Ball. This pure pulling-power fuel. You couldn’t fail to look dead gallus (as we say in Glasgow) as, drink in hand, you glide over the beer-soaked dance-floor. 

It has a slight retro, electro feel, but not such that it would put you off. The vocals are sweet and soft, but not such that you’d file them under ‘twee.’ The beat is infectious and all in all, it’s a pretty damn fine little tune which, if had the name of Cheryl, Kylie or Lady or summat added to the performing credits, would probably be played to death on daytime radio.

But that’s not gonna happen is it? 

(Cynics of the world unite!) 

(Released through Fortuna Pop! On 25th October) 



God! Is it

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