BLACKTZAR: ‘How Does It Feel.’

 BLACKTZAR are an ‘electronic dance,’ duo. Now that would not normally grab my attention – not in a positive manner at any rate – but they are from Glasgow, so that by definition means they are ace! Fact! 

So I say this, then look at the single itself, see that it comprises the ‘lead’ track, ‘How Does It Feel,’ backed with a ‘Boris’ dancefloor version, and immediately remember my considered thoughts on the whole ‘remix’ situation – namely that, well… what is the point? 

OK, so back in the day I’d buy 12” vinyl singles simply to get hold of as many interpretations of a song as possible, but now I’m older now, more cynical and really just a grumpy old bastard! So I’m thinking, if a track is considered good enough to release in the first place, why present the buyer with another version… unless of course this ‘remix’ is better than the original. In which case, why not just release the ‘remixed’ version in the first place and give the band’s fans a second, fresh track for their financial outlay? 

(You still reading this?)

So yeah – I listen to this and you know what? The re-mix does actually top the original. Not that there’s anything wrong with the ‘straight’ version – it’s a very pleasant and melodic slice of electronic dance music. Inevitably, comparisons will be made with a softer, more cultured and sincere sounding Depeche Mode, but for me there’s not quite enough going on. It’s lacking that little bit of depth. That little bit of ‘oomph!’ 

And that actually comes in the remix where there is the omnipresence of a deeper, darker bassline and the integration of what sounds like a sample of the keyboard hook from ‘You Got The Love’ by The Source (feat. Candi Staton) which replaces the reliance on the piano arpeggios of the original version. 

Love re-mixes, me!!! 

(Released on 25th October 2010) 

(7.5 / 10)


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