I’m in a bit of a quandary with this one! Here we have a four-piece rock band from Scarborough who (possibly) better judges than me have suggested sound like a cross between early Incubus and Blakfish. I was never into Incubus (well, truth be told they were ‘popular’ so I tended to avoid them, cantankerous little sod that I am) and I can’t say that I caught much of the latter’s output. And neither could I really get into the frequent time changes and stuff that identified an early Biffy Clyro as potential superstars.

And this, the second EP from MUM LOCKED IN CASTLE (whose name is derived from the headline in a local newspaper, apparently) is full of these damned ‘changes.’ But when they step up the madness to a more hardcore edge, they are just right on the money! 

All five tracks follow the same basic formula – melodic and quieter interludes (sometimes with a slight jazz influenced tinge) suffixed with wild, screamed, hardcore vocal growls and big, heavy, heavy guitar riffs. I absolutely love it when the songs all reach these crescendos, and even in the more subtle and lucid sounding moments, there is a certain class shining through – but I’m quite ‘base’ in my tastes and like something I can really get right into throughout. 

For me, it should one or t’other – preferably the more hardcore side – although you’ve got to hand it to these lads, they could do either most proficiently. 

And although I didn’t quite ‘get’ early Biffy and early Incubus, who’s the smartass now…?! 

(Released through Medium Rare Records on 25th October 2010) 




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