SHUSH: ‘Soundtrack Of My Life…’

 On the face of it, ‘Soundtrack Of My Life,’ the debut album from SHUSH ticks all the boxes: beautiful front-woman; big riffs; sing-a-long / chant-a-long choruses; driving bass lines and pounding drums. What more could you want? 

Maybe a bit more variation, perhaps? 

Look, I do like this album. On first play I was really into the mix of rock-riffs contrasting the powerful but melodic tone of Milena Yum’s vocals. SHUSH are a refreshing change from a lot of the pop-punk types out there at the moment. But with the exception of the slow and melodic ‘Stay’ (fourth last track of the twelve….that’ll be eighth then) and then the aggressive assault of closing track ‘You Will Never Get’ then it all seem to follow a familiar format to the opening song, ‘Do What I Want,’ which in turn can look towards The Wildhearts for inspiration I would think. 

The two aforementioned tracks prove that SHUSH can indeed diversify and personally I think (not that it really matters) that they could do well by heading more down the punk or metal track, or following the signpost along the more ‘trashy & sleazy’ glam route. 

But, hey! Esteemed magazines such as Rock Sound, Total Rock and even Metal Hammer have commented most favourably. LOUD HORIZON cannot be mentioned in the same sentence as these babies (see – I put a ‘full stop’ after ‘favourably’) but an opinion is an opinion and although this is still a worthy effort, I do feel SHUSH could have a lot more to offer.

(Released through Ruby Records on 1st November 2010) 

(7.5 / 10) 


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