TENDER TRAP: ‘Dansette, Dansette.’

 Taken from TENDER TRAP’S third album of the same name (I mean the album was also called ‘Dansette, Dansette’ and not that the first two albums shared the same name as the third…duh!) this single is like a gentle step back in time. Back to a time when the youth of the day would gather around a record player (yeah – of the same name) with their friends and spin the latest 7” hits in their bedroom, while Mum and Dad were downstairs doing things in grainy black and white. 

Reflecting both the sounds and attitudes of many of the songs from that quaint and innocent time, TENDER TRAP have, in ‘Dansette, Dansette,’ produced a lovely little track that will either evoke memories or introduce fresh, new (old) sounds to another audience entirely. 

In addition to reminiscing about the way new music was listened to, the song also deals with the issue of Sixties girl groups who didn’t write their own material and therefore weren’t even promoting their own independence. As front-woman Amelia Fletcher confirms:

“The song is cynical of, but also very affectionate about that whole genre.” 

With Phil Spector echoes, lush female harmonies and jangly guitars, this is a track that’s guaranteed to have you singing / humming along … and in my case longing for a time when access to new music is not taken so much for granted, nor is that music regarded as so disposable. 

(Old cynics of the world unite!) 

(Released through Fortuna POP! On 1st November 2010) 

(7.5 / 10) 



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