PEGASUS BRIDGE: ‘While We’re Young.’

 I’m well late with this one I’m afraid, so just a brief overview will have to suffice. 

Not that it’ll matter to PEGASUS BRIDGE as I think these lads are going to be doing very nicely for themselves, thank you very much! They’ve already caught he attention of Radio 1, having opened the Radio One Big Weekend earlier this year.

This seven-track mini-album ticks all the boxes that the UK’s national ‘pop’ radio station seems to be looking for these days: big, anthemic choruses and a powerful emo-based vocal style mixed with an endearing charm and sprinkled with intermittent synth whines that lighten the whole feel. As a whole it is more aimed, I would have thought, towards the younger end of the music buying / downloading audience. I’d be surprised if their fan-base extends much beyond the 20 – 22 year old age group. But again, if you’re looking for a target audience on which to build a commercially successful career as a band / artist, then this would be the ideal. 

This young Manchester based four-piece know what they’re about, all right! 

Lead track ‘Ribena’ is probably the best known of the tracks, having previously been released as a single. There’s a definite familiarity about it, but I just can’t put my finger on why. Perhaps my subconscious has picked up on it being played on the radio? It’s not really my scene at all, but neither is it the type of music that would have me switching channels.  In many ways it typifies what PEGASUS BRIDGE are about – the verses are slightly staccato, with a big, hooky, ‘punch the air’ sing-a-long chorus.

‘Yoko’ sounds very much along the lines of The Wombats, but ‘Like Dogs’ has a more mature feel about it, with the structure and even the delivery for the most part reminding me of early Prefab Sprout. Album title –track ‘While We’re Young’ has big riff-laden guitars, interspersed with that infernal synth sound and a sort of distant ‘whoa-oh-a-whoa’ chorus backing.

‘Violence’ again reminds of The Wombats. I need say no more. ‘Skinny’ is one of the best tracks on the album. Catchy as hell, the vocals are sung in a higher key and again sound so familiar. Maybe it’s just a generic sound for this style of music? The sound of the synth, which I normally deplore, actually adds to the track and the big backing vocals give the song good depth. (When I say I dislike the sound of the synth, I have to say that it works well within the context of this album as it’s used sparingly and intelligently.) 

Final track ‘Paris’ is slower and more emotionally charged – well, you couldn’t expect a band like PEGASUS BRIDGE to complete a seven-track album without one of these!

It’s not what I would personally seek out and listen to, but credit where it’s due ‘While We’re Young’ is a great showcase for a young band of whom I am sure we will be hearing much more in 2011.

(Released on 1st November) 




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