‘Gloriously charming,’ (he says in the likely vain attempt to create a strap-line that could be used in future Press Releases and advertisements for the half brother / sister, French / Dutch duo) Yeah, I know… it’s a long, story! 

So much of my musical background and preferences would indicate that I should not be in the slightest bit interested in this EP, but not only is it ‘Gloriously charming’ but it is ‘quietly quirky.’ (There’s another one for you!) And despite the obvious Folk influences that main vocalist Melody grew up with, it is as far away from the ‘woolly bob-hat’ stereotypical Folk sound as St. Etienne is from Haarlem (where Anton and Melody spent their respective young lives.) 

Opening song of the five is the title track ‘Not Evident’ – which is actually available as a free download within the ‘Downloads!’ page of this site. I needn’t even try to describe it for you, as the official video follows here: 

‘Unique Tree,’ is full of soft, shuffling drums, glockenspiel chimes and hushed, but perky vocals from Melody, with lovely backing vocals for good measure. ‘Sweet and Soft’ features a catchy little piano arpeggio that runs throughout, with a combination of brushed drums and handclaps. Like the previous two tracks, the instruments used have a certain ‘toytown’ innocence about them, which gives the songs that quirky and individual feel. 

‘Again and Again’ has a slightly more ‘full’ sound to it, thanks to the more prominent bass line and a sort of quietly swirling and swooshing synth, giving bed to more glockenspiel chimes. The final track is marked as a ‘Demo,’ and is entitled ‘Rastakraut.’ For some reason I was expecting something a heavy-dub mix of someone like Can or Neu! covering a reggae song. Understandable, I would have thought. However, that’s not exactly – or rather, not at all – what this one’s about. It’s actually a chirpy little ditty built around a simple one-finger piano piece with lovely female harmonies and a catchy chorus. 

Although I’m not entirely convinced as to how much mileage THE NARCOLEPTIC DANCERS can extract from this particular brand of music, I have to say that this twelve and a half minute offering is really light and refreshing, and well worth checking out. 

(Released on 8th November through Bleepmachin / Captaine Plouf) 



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