ALLO DARLIN’: ‘My Heart Is A Drummer.’

 It seems that everybody who is somebody loves ALLO DARLIN’ – guess that makes me a bit of a ‘nobody’ then, as my level of affection could not run to such a commitment. 

It’s true that ‘My Heart Is A Drummer’ has a certain attraction with its catchy melodies and slightly husky but airy vocals from Elizabeth Morris. There is the gently bouncing beat and the glockenspiel-sounding chimes. There is also a slight familiarity, with the vocals at times reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper. But there’s no getting away from it….. there is a definite ‘tweeness’ about this track, which will appeal to many – though not necessarily this particular cold, soul-less hack. 

The B-side is an acoustic version of ‘If Loneliness Was Art’ – an earlier single release. Although once again not really my ‘bag,’ it works better for me than the main song, as it lacks that slightly sickly ‘tweeness.’ It’s kept very simple, with Elizabeth’s hushed vocal accompanied by her strumming the ukulele for the main part, with the chorus being a nice warm and soothing ‘sha-la-la-la’ backing from the other band members. 

I would doubt we’d ever become ‘lovers’….. but maybe we can share the odd coffee and remain ‘good friends?’  

(Released through FortunaPOP! on 15th November 2010




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