Recent years have seen the rise in the number of duos making a name for themselves. Invariably though, even without seeing the band, it’s not too difficult to detect that there are only two players, such is the manner in which the music is delivered, frequently with the emphasis placed firmly on ‘power’ to cover for the lack of instruments. 

Not however, it would appear in the case of American two-piece MIDDLE CLASS RUT. Certainly not on the evidence of their new single, ‘New Low.’ 

There is a reassuring depth to the sound on this one, with no instrument being over-played to compensate for numerical disadvantage. That ‘depth’ is aided by the close harmonies worked between Sean Stockham (drums) and Zack Lopez (guitars) at various points. 

It may be stating the bleedin’ obvious, but I hear distinct similarities with early Police. There is a slight reggae beat and tight guitar pickings going on while the vocals are high and sounding slightly / nicely strained, much in the manner of Sting around the ‘Reggatta de Blanc’ period. A nicely de-tuned / discordant guitar solo adds to the general ambience of the song. 

As a taster for the new album ‘No Name No Color’ this is quite exciting! 

(Released through Bright Antenna Records on 15th November) 

(8.5 / 10)



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