BIG DEAL: ‘Homework’ / ’13’

 BIG DEAL are a very new, boy / girl combo. Formed as recently as the summer of 2010 when they each became disenchanted with life in their respective bands at that time, they got together and decided to experiment with some writing and recording music in their bedrooms. 

The two tracks on this single release are very lo-fi productions. ‘Homework’ is a gentle, fragile even, little song with Kacey and Alice sharing the plaintive and slightly echoed vocals over the top of a lightly picked acoustic guitar. There’s a fine line between quirky & quaint, and ‘twee.’ How I’d actually define the word ‘twee’ is a difficult one, but ‘Homework’ definitely falls on the right side of said line. 

‘13’ is a cover of a Big Star song. This interpretation is again pretty interesting, sounding to me like The Jesus and Mary Chain, unplugged and on a slightly higher dose of mogadon than would have been healthily prescribed. 

This single ain’t going to be the one to kick-start your Christmas Party next month, but it’s definitely different and interesting. 

(Released through Records Records Records on 18th November 2010)

(7.5 / 10)


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