Now this one I like! 

Why? Because it’s different, that’s why. 

From a sort of Blues background, the song builds in some Americana / folksy influences as it relates the tale of a man determined to cleanse himself of his wife’s demanding ways – and resorts in the end to bludgeoning her to death! Nice one!?! 

But that makes it all sound so stark and simple.. and it’s anything but. There is the unusual organ sound – like that from the age-old cinemas / fairgrounds, Warlitzer style (although it’s a piano-accordion used in the acoustic version, the video of which is attached below); there’s the insistent, dark and brooding bass-line that’s accentuated by the piano; the intermittent, light guitar ‘hook;’ the deep, pounding beat and strong, clear vocals. 

The whole song seemingly ‘steams’ with the humidity of America’s Deep South; it’s modern, but steeped in yesteryear. It’s bloody good, that’s what it is! 

(Released on a download basis through Smoky Carrot Records on 22nd November 2010) 

(8.5 / 10)


Now this u

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