MELONHEADMAN: ‘Medicine Man’

 Not that it matters, but you may find it difficult to believe that this seven-piece boogie band come from the South of England as opposed to America. Their debut album ‘The Good & The Bad’ was a real belter – just dripping Southern Rock authenticity, and this three track ‘single’ release continues the trend. 

However, lead track ‘Medicine Man’ is not, in my humble little opinion at least, the strongest of the songs here. Sure, it opens in true Skynyrd spirit with dual guitars playing off each other and chugs its way through the duration with a sing-a-long chorus and great guitar solos. But it lacks just that special spark of ‘something.’ You know….it will sound daft, but I think it just lacks a little ‘conviction.’ 

‘Hunting Crows’ is for me the best of those on offer here, although I would say it could be even better with the addition of some horns over the top of the guitar – just to give an already excellent song some added depth and strength. Maybe I’m being picky! Just the imagery created, the sound of crows at the beginning / end of the song and the incessant beat mixed with a bit of a dirty bass line and another zippy guitar solo give this song real ‘star’ potential. ‘Hunting Crows’ could, I think, be worked on just a touch more and pushed to the Radio stations that specialise in Classic Rock. 

It’s a winner – worth re-releasing in its own right as a single! 

Closing track ‘Boogie City’ does exactly what it says on the cover. Very much Skynyrd inspired again, so nowt wrong with that!  (It also contains the line: ‘…come over to my place girl, I’m gonna boogalize your mind.’) 

Class – they just don’t write ‘em like that any more do they? 

(Released through Savage Acts Records – November 2010) 





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