I’ve been a fan of BLOOD RED SHOES for several years now – since the ADHD single in fact. They just seem to get better and better, and though I rather perversely like to see my favourite bands remain the preserve of ‘the underground,’ it’s great to see Steven and Laura-Mary now get the recognition they so deserve for all their hard work and perseverance. 

‘Light It Up’ is about as commercially acceptable a record as they have put out; one that should guarantee more national radio-play than they have had before.

The quiet little guitar intro combines with the steady thump of drums, while Steven’s vocals are soft and light. But not for long, my friend. This track quickly explodes into a cacophony of a chorus that forms the basis for the song overall. The drumming becomes a bit more ‘tribal,’ the guitar distortion zapped up and Laura-Mary adds to the vocals with loud, yelp-like shouts.

It reminds me very much The Victorian English Gentlemens Club…..and that alone means it will be at the top of my personal playlist for a good few weeks yet. 

(Released through V2 / Co-Operative Music on 29th November 2010) 

(10 / 10)



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