LITTLE FISH: ‘Sweat n Shiver’

 Two seems to be the new ‘four’ these days! The last three CDs reviewed on LOUD HORIZON have all been by duos – Middle Class Rut; Blood Red Shoes and now Oxford combo, LITTLE FISH. 

‘Sweat n Shiver’ I have to say, is not quite as ‘instant’ as the past couple of singles, but is more of a ‘grower.’ It lacks the darker, threatening mood of ‘Am I Crazy?’ and the urgency and frenetic beat of ‘Whiplash.’ 

However, it does have a chugging rhythm and Juju’s voice still has that deep, sensual tone coupled with just enough ‘attitude.’ Her mood seems to swing through the duration of the song, from light and bouncy at the start to pretty much pissed off towards the end as the song builds in intensity with overdubs of Juju’s voice providing a full sounding backing. 

This is a decent enough single, and one that may indeed attract a batch of new fans as it does become quite catchy after several listens, although the stretching of the word ‘shiver’ to about ten syllables does get a bit irritating after a while. 

They could do, and have done, better though. 

(Released through Custard / Island Records on 29th November 2010) 

(7.5 / 10)



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