SEROTONIN: ‘Live And Forget.’

 ‘To Do’ list for aspiring Rock Bands:

1)      hit on an infectious riff;

2)      leave ample room for searing guitar solo(s);

3)      hire a vocalist with power and some form of distinction to their voice.  

There you go – simple. Job done! 

Oxfordshire three-piece Rock outfit SEROTONIN continue their progress with the release of this single, ‘Live And Forget.’ Much as I enjoyed their previous release, ‘Siempre Y Para Siempre’ (which must have been around a year ago?) this single brings even more depth of sound and an added maturity to their sound. 

As mentioned above, all the integral components are present. Add a rock steady beat (that’s a beat that is steady as a rock and not a ska / reggeae beat) and you’re onto a winner. The riff in particular has a dirty and slightly menacing feel to it, matched by the rasping and controlled vocal delivery. 

Right now, SEROTONIN are becoming a bit of a fixture on the Rock / Metal circuits of Oxfordshire and London and you can probably understand why…. check out the video for this particular track:

(Released through Crash records on 29th November 2010)




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