THE LOVES: ‘December Boy’

There are a good few bands out there that are currently punting a retro Sixties / Spector-esque sound – Frankie Rose and The Outs, and Tender Trap spring immediately to mind. Actually, there could be a thousand bands for all it matters, because none do the ‘bubblegum’ sound like THE LOVES. 

Formed in Cardiff back in year 2000, THE LOVES have seen around thirty-four members pass through them during their ten year, three-album history – kind of like a Welsh version of The Fall in that respect! The one constant factor throughout has been founder ‘ leader Simon Love but now, with album number four set for release in the New Year, he too has decided to call a halt to proceedings and so come Valentine’s Day 2011, THE LOVES will be no more. 

Shame! But I suppose ten years is a long time. And if this single is anything to go by, THE LOVES will at least leave a lasting legacy in the form of the album ‘…Love You.’ 

‘December Boy’ sees Jenna take lead vocal and while there is a distinct Phil Spector, girl-band, reverb laden, production sound, it somehow still feels contemporary. The general jingle-jangle of the background gives it bit of a seasonal feel, without it sounding like a deliberate attempt at the Christmas Number One slot. There is even the incorporation of an Abba-esque piano sound while at points the chorus reminds me of ‘Danny Says’ by The Ramones …. when, guess who was producing them?! 

Now this will sound a strange comparison I know, but the chorus / backing chants to ‘B-side’ ‘Bubblegum’ sound remarkably like ‘Night Time,’ by George Thorogood and The Destroyers! Really! A happy coincidence, obviously. It’s a busy wee song this one, with lots going on in the background, but principally the whine of organ and stomping beat of the drums.


(Released through Fortuna POP! On 6th December 2010) 





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