No – it’s not exactly re-inventing the wheel, but it’s pretty good non-the-less.

From their name, you’d be forgiven for thinking that perhaps CATFISH & THE BOTTLEMEN are some inbred band from the swamps of America’s Deep South. However, there’s no ‘Cletus’ within the ranks – only a Billy, a Benji and a Jon. 

They’ve been attracting a good bit of attention for themselves since their relatively recent formation just two years ago, having been awarded BBC6 Music’s ‘Unsigned Band Of The Year’ in their formative year. 

Ever the cynic me though, I’m not too sure what they offer that others don’t. Well, OK – ‘quality’ is one. They sound well grounded in what they do. They seem to have taken all the best bits from loads of current Indie guitar bands and moulded them for their own use. They’ve got the good, confident vocals, the guitar solos, and the danceable, but still rocking beat. They also seem quite ‘unforced’ in what they do – it sounds like it all flows quite naturally. 

OK, so I guess that does make them a cut above the rest  – what I mean is that the musical content is tried and tested to the max. But instead of being cited alongside some other obscure Regional bands, CATFISH & THE BOTTLEMEN are entitled to consider themselves ready to mix it with the ‘big boys,’ already. 

I can’t say anything negative about these guys…. except that I’ve kinda heard it all before – but maybe not quite so well presented!  

(Self released on 29th November 2010) 




No –

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