FIREFALLDOWN are a three-piece alternative / rock band from London. They formed around three years ago when all three members met while playing for their local Church band! However, you can quickly dispense that mental image that is currently surging through your head right now – ‘Stand Tall’ is not what you’d normally expect from a band with an ecclesiastical background. (Though having said that, I’m not entirely sure what you would expect…) 

Comparisons have been made to a hybrid Sublime / Red Hot Chilli Peppers / early Incubus, and that’s probably not too far off the mark… though in my particular case any reference to RHCP is not entirely complimentary. 

Never the less, this single is a nice combination of heavy riffs with rousing, anthemic choruses, interspersed with a more funkcore type beat. The mid-track vocal breakdown and searing guitar solo, have a touch of Rage Against The Machine about them, just to drop in another heavyweight reference. 

FIREFALLDOWN have already played alongside the likes of Lamb of God and Testament. They have also provided main support to Coheed and Cambria, so you can see they are certainly making an impression with he right type of people.

The band’s debut album is due out in early 2011, and it will prove interesting to see how much variation they have to their repertoire. It’s hard to base a proper judgement on the basis of one solitary track, but I reckon these guys could be ones well worth further listening. 

(Self-released on 29th November 2010) 


** A free download of this track can be obtained from: **



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