SOFTPRIEST: ‘Enjoying Moths.’

OK – just a few words on this one… out of courtesy, mainly. 

I’m really not n any position to judge this one as I think it would have been tailored for a particular audience, from which I am obviously precluded. I won’t bother regurgitating the Press Sheet blurb as I note some sites have done, but will say this in background to the album: 

SOFTPRIEST is Charles Bayley, a bloke with true musical pedigree as a label boss, DJ and musician – he’s a former member of Manchester band The Ruby Tuesdays. So he knows what he’s doing and obviously knows his ‘market.’ 

This fifteen-track, fifty-one and a half minute instrumental release sounds to the uninformed (me, that is!) like SOFTPRIEST has spliced thousands of little samples together to build the bulk of the album. Apparently not – it’s all done entirely on synthesisers. Which, again for someone like me who has no real background in this style of music, is pretty impressive – how he manages to think along these lines and piece it all together is beyond me. 

Initially, I found ‘Enjoying Moths’ exciting, quirky and most definitely different. The integration of little shards of operatic sounds here and there (‘Jarmy Days’), and the musical saw-like noises giving an Oriental feel on ‘Night Soil Guy’ remain entertaining, and in general the album is pleasant enough for me have on in the background as I write this and perhaps do some other work in the office. 

But would I keep it at the top of the ‘to be played’ pile? Hmmm…… 

Loads will love this… maybe not me. 

Sorry SOFTPRIEST – it’s not you, it’s me….!! 

(Released through aA Recordings on 29th November



OK –

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