STRAIGHT RAZOR ANGELS: ‘Straight Razor Angels’

 Although I was into the Punk scene from its inception, the Rockabilly revival of the late Seventies / early Eighties offered up the opportunity for me to be chased through the streets of Glasgow by devotee gangs of either genre, dependant on the style of jacket I was sporting at the time! Rockabilly brought with it the same excitement and ‘cult,’ individual styles as Punk did. I’m still a big fan of the music to this day. 

So, when this debut album from Sheffield based STRAIGHT RAZOR ANGELS arrived, I was well excited as I don’t get to hear so much of this type of music now.

Inevitably, there are going to be comparisons to the likes of Stray Cats – the numerical composition of the band; the twang of guitar; the incorporation of some raw punk influences; the swagger. It’s all here. Especially so in track three, ‘Russian’ which features a similar stomp and attitude to ‘Stray Cat Strut.’ 

But unfortunately there is no equivalent of ‘Rock This Town’ or ‘Rumble In Brighton’ on this one. Although the album is pretty enjoyable, it lacks any outstanding track that would instantly define the band. Which is a great shame, because I bet these guys really rock the joint when they play live! 

It’s hard to say, but rather reluctantly I am forced to concede that this album lacks both the urgency and variation that would set it and the band apart from others of a similar persuasion. Which, I know sounds a bit harsh, but I really am stretched to remember one particularly outstanding song that sticks around my head long after the album finishes.

The album is good enough and competent enough, but nowadays you need more than ‘good’ to get the attention bands crave. (Maybe I listen to too much music and have unreasonable and unsustainable standards?) 

But STRAIGHT RAZOR ANGELS are obviously no mugs, having supported the likes of The Meteors, UK Subs and Sham 69 amongst others. The problem to be addressed for album number two is to somehow transfer the excitement they apparently bring to their stage shows onto the recording. 

I really hope they manage. I want so much to be more positive. 

(Self-released on 6th December 2010) 

(7.5 / 10)


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