THE LIAISON: ‘Start From Scratch’ EP

 I’m going to keep this one brief, not because I don’t like it or anything, but because it can be summed up in a mere few words: ‘You Me At Six.’ 

The Guildford five-piece are probably sick tired of having this comparison / description levelled at them, although if you’re going to take inspiration from a current and iconic pop-punk / emo band, then THE LIAISON could certainly do worse than look across their home county of Surrey at their more illustrious neighbours.

Discounting the nineteen-second intro, there are four tracks on this EP. Lead song ‘It’s So Clear’ sets the tone: racing guitars; strong, melodic vocals with powerful but understated backing and pounding drums, all wrapped up in a chugging riff. This is followed by ‘Can We Still Be Friends?’ which features the genre’s propensity for dealing out rising and falling waves of melodic power-pop and tales of heartache. 

Title track ‘Start From Scratch’ has that buzzing, chugging riff again, and by now it’s dawning that I’ve heard all this before. But then the funky intro to the final song, ‘Road Trip’ lures me into thinking I’m to be served up an entirely different type of dish to end on. Well – the little funky riff rears its quiet head in the more hushed moments, and although maybe not quite as ‘different’ as I’d been hoping, this track hits home very nicely, thank you very much. The best of the four, I’d say. It’s faster and more furious, until the final minute or so when after dropping right down, it picks up a steady, anthemic styled climax. 

For me personally, this type of music has almost run its course. There’s so much of it about, although in fairness I’d wager it’s aimed more at the teen market than a wizened old punk like me! ‘The kids’ will certainly lap this right up, not least because it incorporates a certain air of confidence and professionalism that sets it out from an already saturated market.

And I for one will surely be playing ‘Road Trip’ many more times before I tire of it. 

(Released on a download basis – 17th January 2011) 



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