Five-piece ABOVE THE UNDERGROUND are an energetic and great-sounding guitar / synth pop-punk band from Chester. Their music, and certainly this new five-track EP, will surely imbue any listener with a ‘feel-good’ factor. Subconsciously. 

I say ‘subconsciously’ because despite their undoubted talents for producing hook laden, bouncy, sing / shout-a-long songs, ABOVE THE UNDERGROUND are unfortunately one of a plethora of bands out there at the moment making this type of music. There is so much of it around that unfortunately it becomes difficult to discern one band from another. Indeed, after a while, even one song from another! (By way of illustration, in the past couple of hours, I’ve reviewed releases by two similarly styled bands.) 

However, as a standalone EP, ‘The Fight We Won’ has all the credentials for attracting a whole raft of young fans, combining as it does, elements of punk, pop, occasional ‘heavy’ chugging riffs and swathes of synth and drum machine that give a nod towards the dance culture. It’s kind of like a mix of Good Charlotte, Sum 41, (the dreaded) Pendulum and the likes of Four Year Strong etc. 

This really is an enjoyable EP, but one at the same time that generally just washes over me, leaving me thinking, “Yeah – that was pretty good!” but five minutes later then thinking, “Who was that song by again? How did it go…?” 

You’ll have seemingly heard it all before, but here’s one of the tracks for you to judge for yourself:

Above The Underground – The Fight We Won by bandinabox

(Self released on a download basis on 24th January 2011) 

(7.5 / 10)


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