ANITA LIPNICKA: ‘Hard Land Of Wonder.’

 Well, it’s certainly not ‘loud’ – anything but – and certainly not the kind of music I’d listen to, but as it arrived on my desk for review, it would be impolite not to pass a few comments. 

Not that I can legitimately ‘review’ ‘Hard Land Of Wonder.’ I have no reference points for this type of music and to be honest, it was a struggle for me to play I through in its entirety. But there are millions of people out here who love this female singer / songwriter stuff, and although it is far too downbeat and morose sounding to me, there is no denying that ANITA LIPNICKA has a beautiful voice. 

This is actually ANITA’S fourth solo album to be released in her native Poland, but her debut effort here in UK. She was born in a small town in communist Poland and it was easy to dream against what she describes as an overwhelming greyness of a world that existed elsewhere. Music was salvation. At eighteen, she joined the band Varius Manx, recorded an album with them and found herself a ‘pop star’ overnight! Although she was uncomfortable with fame, she was considered in her homeland as the female voice of her generation. But the turning point came when she met English musician, songwriter and soon to become life-partner, John Porter. 

Their first album together went ‘platinum’ in Poland and won that country’s equivalent of the mercury Music Prize. 

So, cutting to he chase, ANITA has the backing and experience to make inroads within the UK music scene. Whether it proves a harder nut to crack than the Polish market remains to be seen – one would assume so. 

Anyway – if you’re looking for a nice, relaxed change of style and enjoy some plaintive piano playing to accompany a dulcet female voice, then this may be for you. 

It sure ain’t for me, however…! 

(Released through AWAL on 31st January 2011)



Well, it’s

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