The beauty of running your own little website, is that you can occasionally cast the ‘rules’ asunder and really just write / promote what yopu damn well like!

So – here’s details of a new ‘night’ hosted by one of my favourite labels, ARMELLODIE RECORDS, that may be of interest to any Scottish and principally Glasgow-based readers:
Launched in 2007 Glasgow rock ‘n’ pop cavalry Armellodie Records have steadily manifested into one of the most exciting  independent labels in the UK with a constant flow of critically acclaimed releases from an eclectic roster of artists. 

Formed by Al Nero and Scott Maple, the pair humbly regard Armellodie to be nothing more than, “a tiny wee consortium of like-minded rockers and rollers” and somewhat more boastfully as, “the finest damn roster of independent bands and artists
in the whole of the United Kingdom”. 

With one vital mission statement – ‘Say No to Bland Records’ – 2010 has seen Armellodie deliver on their promise in abundance by playing host to a score of critically lauded albums from the likes of Super Adventure Club (‘Avoid Zombies’), Kill The Captains (‘Fun Anxiety’), Thirty Pounds Of Bone (‘Method’) and The Scottish Enlightenment (‘St. Thomas.’) With new releases from the likes of Edinburgh’s ambient experimentalist.s The Douglas Firs, Glasgow power-pop lotharios CD/EX and blissful guitar slingers Le Reno Amps in the pipeline, 2011 is set to be another fruitful year for the label. 

And so with all this talent in tow who wouldn’t want to show it off, from January 2011 Armellodie Records begin a 6-month residency, Barmellodie, in Glasgow’s reputable indie-hub Bar Bloc, showcasing acts from their roster with special guest performances to boot. The night will also feature guest DJ spots from local bloggers and tastemakers as well as resident Armello DJs spinning tunes until 3am on the third Friday of each month. 

The line-ups for the first two Barmellodie’s revealed:

Friday 21st January 2011

Guest DJ: Phil Elba (

Friday 18th February 2011


Guest DJ: Halina Podcart (

The shows are free entry until midnight and £2 thereafter, there are no advance tickets and the shows are sure to be busy so do come down early to avoid disappointment. In 10 years time, once the label has re-shaped the music industry as we know it, and the residency has moved to the Clyde Auditorium to be commonly known as Armedillo, people will be claiming they were at the original Barmellodie residency so make sure you’re one of those that actually is!


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