CD / EX: ‘I Need Your Touch.’

 CD / EX are CHRIS DEVOTION & THE EXPECTATIONS – a Glasgow based rock ‘n’ soul band with a rather manic and aggressive streak. ‘I Need Your Touch’ is the band’s debut single and is being released through Armellodie Records, the shiny local label with an ear for quality.

The opening guitar riff of the lead track comes at you like the rat-tat-tat of a machine gun. Short, sharp and to the point, it reflects the mood of the song, which in itself bears an eclectic mix of influences all mixed up and poured into he succinct little two-minute package. There is a definite punk / New Wave attitude about the delivery of ‘I Need Your Touch’ but Chris’s vocal delivery probably owes more to Soul / Stax based influences.

B-side, ‘Pinhole Suit’ could easily have been a late Seventies collaboration between the likes of The Buzzcocks and The Banned. It’s right in your face, but still manages to produce catchy, if rather pissed-off harmonies and a zippy little guitar solo within its magical minute and a half!

It’s a bit rash I know, what with this review being written at the arse end of 2010 and all that, but ‘I Need Your Touch’ could well be one of my favourite single releases of 2011! 

(Released through Armellodie Records on 7th February 2011)




CD /

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