EVILWITCH: ‘Les Bisous Tristes’ EP

 This four-track EP from Worcester’s EVILWITCH was scheduled for release mid-December 2010, but only arrived on the LOUD HORIZON doorstep sometime in January, while I was on holiday. However, although it has now been available for several weeks, it is well worth both highlighting and recommending. 

‘Les Bisous Tristes’ I believe translates from French into something like ‘The Sad Kisses’ (any issues with that should be directed to my former French teacher at Bearsden Academy) but this is anything but a ‘sad’ or downbeat record. On the contrary, all four tracks come across as quite uplifting in their own way, and I have to say that while the sound may not come across as instantly original, this is one of the most enjoyable EPs I have heard in a while. 

‘Oh My God’ is the opening track, and it would seem to me that the lads had been listening to the Arcade Fire back catalogue when writing this one! It’s a strong, powerful and stomping, start to the EP, with the pounding bass-line resonating throughout, and anthemic gang-vocal harmonies leading to an infectious chorus. 

‘Fuck Tokyo!’ builds on the Arcade Fire sound but with a dash of real ‘in yer face’ attitude added for good measure. The lead vocals have a slight Eighties / Joy Division type edge to them, but this is nicely diluted by the overall harmonies. A rousing party-type atmosphere is created with brilliant use of group handclaps, he bouncy beat and (again) the gang-vocals. 

‘Stare At The Sun’ opens with what I always identify as the trademark Arcade Fire repeated and droned, single piano note, which produces a similar effect to that produced by the bass-line in the opening track.  Again, the stomping beat and slight tremolo-styled vocals and harmonies make this a catchy little number. 

Closing track ‘She’s There,’ differs from the previous three in that I’m not going to mention ‘AF.’ It is however still very much bass and kick-drum led, with clever vocal interplay and harmonies carrying he song along towards a more shouted conclusion. 

Overall, in spite of the obvious comparisons, ‘Les Bisous Tristes’ definitely marks EVILWITCH as a band to look out for in the coming year. 

(Released through AtakTrak in December 2010) 




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