BEAT CONNECTION : ‘Silver Screen.’

 The first time I listened to this single I was somewhat under whelmed. I’m not ashamed to admit that the second, third and fourth times, I danced a bit. 

The PR for the Seattle based band is full of buzzwords and phrases like “romanticised”, “uncommon vibrancy” and “gauzy nostalgia” and while it’s easy to roll your eyes at such notions, this is certainly a feel good song with more than a tinge of the old school to it. 

This retro-feel is truly apparent when vocalist Tom Eddy’s melody kicks in and somehow, in the act of doing, so makes me feel like I’m 6 years old in the back of my Dad’s car listening to one of his cassette tapes. 

The vocal line however, pleasant as it is, is pushed down in the mix, the odd-instrumentation and relentless beat of the tune pulsing forward throughout and drawing the attention.  

The use of electronics invokes comparisons to The Postal Service and musically this is probably who Beat Connection are most closely related to – although shorn of that bands wilful dreariness, replaced by a much more hopeful, summery sound. 

The single also includes an instrumental B-side – Space Vacation – and two remixes of Silver Screen, the second of which is notable for its unbelievable abuse of auto-tune. 

A mini-album is set to follow in April of this year and I’m certainly interested in seeing where they go from here. 

(Released through Tender Age on 28th February 2011) 

(8/10)                                                                                                                                                     Kenneth John Porteous


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