RED ROOM: ‘Waxpoetics’

 You get the distinct impression that Red Room’s ultimate goal is not to fill dance floors up and down the country. 

The music is sparse and the lyrics are dark. The songs drive forward relentlessly, but quietly – creeping at you, daring you to let them under your skin so they can live and breathe. 

The EP has 3 tracks, and, although mercifully distinct from one another, they all fit well together. Final track, “Like Marianne” is a slow-burning affair – coming across like the song Editors rejected for being too slow and too depressing. Opening lyrics to the track: “Like Marianne/ Like Marianne she lay in my arms/ Like heroin/ Like heroin she lay in my arms” provide a hint of the uplifting message that follows. 

Second track (although guilty of a massive pet-peeve of mine: excessive use of “la-la-la”s) is immediately interesting due to the fact that it was co-written by 15-year-old Serena Clara, who also sings on the track.  

Of the three on the EP, it is probably the most accessible and familiar sounding – sticking very closely to that “London-template” that female vocalists from that area seem to like, quirky lyrics (“I’ll always be your handkerchief”) and liberal use of mockney. And, not to put to fine a point on it, but does it seem wrong to hear a 15-year-old girl and an older man serenade each other with the line “I’ll always be your baby”? 

Opening track “I’ll Be Fine” comes out of the gate much more jauntily and actually, tonally-speaking, seems like a combination of the two that follow it (see, there is a reason I’m covering it backwards!). Benefiting from a catchy chorus and much more upbeat musical backing, the song bounds along at a much sharper pace than the rest of the EP – even if the Tom Smith comparison becomes much more apparent as a result. 

A decent effort, but not one to listen to if you’re needing cheered up. 

(Released through Marbles Music on 28th February 2011) 


Kenneth John Porteous

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1 Response to RED ROOM: ‘Waxpoetics’

  1. josh says:

    I really like the promo clips I’ve heard, but your right, not the most cheerful band

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