OVERWEIGHT: ‘The World For Sale.’

 OK – so it may sound more 2001 than 2011, but who the hell cares?! This is quality ska-punk played with the same infectious enthusiasm that defined the big-hitters of that genre all those years ago. 

Within the first few bars of opening track, ‘Eric,’ it becomes apparent just who this five-piece from Vilvoorde, Belgium were listening to when they formed the band back in (coincidentally) 2001 – Less Than Jake!  Of that there’s no doubt. But also factor in the freshness and fun of The Mad Caddies mixed with the swagger and energy of say Lagwagon and Screeching Weasel and we’re getting there.

All ten tracks on this album are filled with big, chunky guitar riffs, bouncing bass-lines and frantic drums – all augmented of course by melodic and energetic trumpet and trombone combinations. And this is where OVERWEIGHT score heavily (pardon the unintended pun.) Many aspiring bands of this ilk have set out down this route, but fail miserably to reproduce the beefy, rounded sound that is so prevalent in the music of their peers. But not these guys. 

Supplemented with huge sing / shout-a-long and hook-laden choruses, OVERWEIGHT will, I’m sure, be a quite spectacular band to witness live. One to get a good, old-fashioned mosh-pit circling violently!

On the slight downside, and this is an issue with much of this brand of music, it’s all a little ‘samey.’ With the exception of ‘Come Out Now!’ which incorporates the additional Hammond organ backing, it would be hard to convey in words the subtle difference between the other tracks.

However, I have no wish to detract from a genuine ‘good-time music’ album. There may be no absolute standout tracks here, but ‘The World For Sale’ is a real fast moving and very enjoyable thirty-nine minutes spent. It will get your feet tapping and put a smile on your face. What more can you ask for?

(Released on 14th February 2011)


(The picture quality in this old video of OVERWEIGHT is pretty crude, but it does a reasonable job of representing the band’s sound.)


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