You know how it is – you hear a record for the first time, and yet it sounds SO familiar. You rack your brain for days, humming the ‘hook’ over and over again; perhaps inserting some words that you know are not strictly correct but are of a similar ‘shape’ and feel to those of the song you can’t remember. 

Well, that’s where I find myself with ‘Draw A Line,’ and in this particular case I can (force)-fit the words, ‘Leave a light on Fanny’ (which I’m guessing are not the true lyrics!) Anyway, I have to say that I really like this particular track.   

YNGVE (pronounced Ing – Vuh) is German born, but raised in Ireland where as a youngster his future course in the music industry was heavily influenced by his father’s weekly blues sessions. Indeed ‘Draw A Line’ leans heavily on a blues vibe although it is ably propped up with a healthy helping of Country stylings. In short, it sounds like a group of friends gathered round a rickety old honky-tonk piano in the local bar to jam along to some laid-back blues music. It’s all pretty organic, with a great sing-a-long chorus and some nice clean and clear guitar work echoing the piano playing. The result is a little like the Rolling Stones in one of their experimental, Country infused acoustic tracks. Nice. 

B-side, ‘Changing Tracks’ is quite different however. Although it eventually develops a Bluesy feel, and is again reliant on some atmospheric piano, it also incorporates the light tinkle of a glockenspiel, which counters the heavy, Tom Waits styled vocal delivery. This is one of those songs that you probably think you don’t like, but find yourself subconsciously humming to yourself later in the day – then wondering where the hell you picked that up from? 

Anyway, here’s an old acoustic version of  ‘Draw A Line,’ (minus the piano.) Any suggestions as to the song it reminds me of are gratefully received!

(Released on 7th March 2011)

(7.5 / 10)



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2 Responses to YNGVE & THE INNOCENT: ‘Draw A Line.’

  1. Gary says:

    I think the song you are thinking of is ‘The Weight’ by The Band.
    I think the correct lyrics might be ‘take a load off annie’ but nice effort 😛
    If you think this one by the band sounds like that song then you should check out ‘Pretending I Had Faith’ by Yngve, it sounds even more like the aforementioned song!
    It’s great.

  2. seofoundry says:

    It’s “Take a load off Fanny”. And yes – they do seem to be fans of “The Band”… I guess there are worse bands to be influenced by 😉

    Worth catching live – they really tear it up, a great live act.

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