THE VICTORIAN ENGLISH GENTLEMENS CLUB: New album scheduled for May release!

LOUD HORIZON favourites, THE VICTORIAN ENGLISH GENTLEMENS CLUB yesterday posted the following news on their site, confirming they’ve finished work on their third album – the follow-up to 2009’s ‘Love On An Oil Rig’. The new record will be released via This Is Fake DIY Records this May.

“So yesterday we finished making a record. It’s got songs about Africa, pissing in the snow, car crashes and cutting off heads. It’s influenced by Wire, Godflesh, and Paul Daniels. We’re very proud of it. it’s very different to what we’ve made before. These are the song titles, in title length order:  

Lost my Face 
Pistol Whipped 
Fire In The Wife  
A Conversation  
John Denver’s Wife 
Richer Than My Tribe 
Card Trick With a Chimp 
Not Waving But Drowning  
My Imagination Can’t Save Me Now  
A Biting Wind Followed by an Occasional Drift of Snow  
As Jungle Drums Rang Loud and Clear Across the Amazon We Held Our Heads and Screamed
It’ll be with you in May. Until then, we have two london shows – March 11th and April 8th.  We’ll be in touch with more information / tours / gigs / release dates / videos very soon.”

Those gigs are:

MARCH 11    The Macbeth, London
APRIL 8        The Lexington, London

(‘A Biting Wind Followed by an Occasional Drift of Snow’ is available to stream/download here:)

A Biting Wind Followed By An Occasional Drift Of Snow (Was No Way To Cure A Hangover) by thisisfakediy

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