If I’m being totally honest, I’m not entirely sure that I’m qualified to review this particular single. It’s the kind of song that gets played in clubs I intentionally don’t go to – all dance-y beats and a fairly pleasant female voice singing easy to remember lyrical passages with a kind of “euphoric” peak at the end of each chorus. 

“Fragile” is the first single from Urban Myth Club’s second album “Open Up”. Debut “Helium” has sold over 10,000 copies and actually topped a few genre charts so this is a band with a following. 

The ‘B’ side, “Friday Night” is actually kind of interesting, largely because it uses one of my favourite tropes – dialogue from obscure films or TV shows over the top of the song. 

“Fragile” is perfectly good for what it is, but if your taste in music lies more towards the kind of material usually covered by this site, then I wouldn’t be rushing out to buy it on release day. 

(Released through TRL Music Ltd on 14th March 2011) 


Kenneth John Porteous

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