Hertfordshire five-piece Thousand Autumns launch their debut EP “City of Sun” with a track in which the opening sounds like it was cribbed almost note for note straight from the Funeral for a Friend playbook. 

It is perhaps not surprising then that the group have drawn comparisons to both this band and the also-Welsh The Blackout. But the truth is that Thousand Autumns lack the craft of the former and the balls-out sense of fun intrinsic to the latter. Instead the band they most resemble is Canadian emo screamers Silverstein. 

It is with them that they share their heavy guitars, scream-y vocals and overly-sincere lyrics. 

Now, to some of you this is probably shaping up like a bad review but not at all, a big part of me (my inner teenager if I’m being totally honest) loves Silverstein quite a lot. 

Opener “In the City of Sun” is enjoyable, playing like a pop-song with distortion and in fact, late on in the track it sounds like it would make a good wrestling theme tune – high energy, catchy and full of hooks. 

Third track, “Sent to Erase” actually invokes another comparison with the vocals strongly reminiscent of the drawl of Puddle of Mudd’s Wes Scantlin. 

Although nothing on the EP is particularly original – it wears its influences perhaps too strongly – everything is well executed and it’s certainly a collection of songs I could see myself re-visiting. I may even catch myself singing along to them. 

Decent. Very decent. 

(Released through all digital outlets on 28th February 2011) 


Kenneth John Porteous

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