IDEALS: ‘Significant Other.’

 London four-piece Ideals have big plans for 2011: six singles over twelve months released digitally at bi-monthly intervals. The singles will be available physically on EP‘s released at six-monthly intervals. ‘Significant Other’ is the first offering in this sextology. 

The song is a slow paced and reflective memoir of a failed relationship and one party’s inability to cope with the transition.  The lyrics are poetic and dark the melody however is a drab accompaniment yet manages to give it a sense of sincerity. 

Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of clinging on to the ashes of a lost significant will appreciate the angst-ridden heartbreak pounding from the depths of lead singer Andrew Majors. The vocals are powerful and distinctive and draw parallels to that of Editors Tom Smith. The closing repetition of ‘I’m the last one left to change’ feels more like a personal self realisation than a public confession.

This isn’t the type of song you will hear grace the speakers of even the most intrepid indie club. In fact its not the type of music you are likely to listen to unless you are on your own.  It does have a certain charm about it, and there is a place for songs like this in any music fans arsenal. As a stand alone single it is enjoyable, however it is unlikely you could listen to an albums worth and still have the will to get out of bed the next morning. 

(Released through Intruder Records on 28 February 2011) 


Gary Moyes

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