BEARSUIT: ‘When Will I Be Queen’

 And so we come to the dark side of the gimmick single, as dance-punkers Bearsuit unleash “When Will I Be Queen” on an unsuspecting and woefully unprepared world. 

This single is badly let down by its vocals – a duty all five members of the group share (bringing to mind the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none”) – which are, in turn, let down by poor lyrical content. To say the vocal performance is bizarre is underselling it a little – a mixture of rhythmic spoken word and high-pitched yelping barely even qualifies as singing. 

The music isn’t actually that bad – it’s just unfortunate that the decent electro-pop on offer here can’t sustain a song which recalls Electric Six – stripped of their charm and humour.

The B-side is the “kanedubstep remix” of the same track which essentially removes the backing – which was the high-point of the single in the first place – and replaces it with, well, dubstep. 

It seems that with a headline tour of the UK (featuring venues such as King Tut’s) and a slot at SXSW in Austin next month that this must be a band with much more to offer in their back-catalogue – but it seems unlikely that anyone first exposed to them through this single would want to seek more material out. 

Not a great effort. 

(Released through Fortuna POP! on 28th February 2011) 


Kenneth John Porteous

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