SWEET JANE: ‘Close Your Eyes.’

Sweet Jane ‘Close Your Eyes’ by SweetJaneMusic
Exhibiting a refreshing and encouraging level of versatility, this three-track single is likely to cement the critical praise garnered from Sweet Jane’s debut album ‘Sugar For My Soul’ that was released last summer. 

OK, so the Irish four-piece have not exactly re-invented the wheel here, but what they have produced are three anthemic tracks that cross the divide between general pop sensibility and credible rock credentials. Each of the three tracks could draw general comparison in style and delivery to some of the music industry’s big hitters, but with the powerful yet velvet-smooth vocals of Lydia des Dolles leading the way, Sweet Jane have created a sound that remains their own.

My first reaction to title track ‘Close Your Eyes’ is that it reminds me (certainly through the verses) of early Oasis. This is mainly due to the sneered vocal style of Lydia, holding tightly onto that final syllable of each line as if Liam himself were trying to prise it away. The chorus comprises mainly of big ‘whoa-whoa-whoa’ backing chants over the pounding beat and jangly guitar. 

‘Bleed’ on the other hand is faster of pace, darker and evidences slight ‘dark wave’ influences with the metronomic drums and resonating bass lines. Lydia’s vocals are sharper and the whole song prompts me to think of a female-led Jesus and Mary Chain. Better than the opening track, this one. 

‘Something For My Soul,’ is my favourite of the three; perhaps because it does not draw direct comparison to other bands (though if someone said that they could hear a little bit of The Charlatans in there, I wouldn’t argue to vehemently) but also because it has that really big, ‘epic’ feel to it. It incorporates some lovely ‘psyche’ influences, with some great hazy, fuggy guitar solos laid over the top of reverb-enhanced vocals a general Spector-esque ‘Wall of Sound’ feel. At almost five and a half minutes, it’s probably just about the right length, but I’d have been equally happy to sit through another three or four minutes! Brilliant! 

Overall, this is well worth checking out, but while the lead track is decent enough, and probably the most ‘radio friendly,’ I personally feel the other two, and certainly the last track would prove to be stick-on ‘live’ favourites. 

(Released through Reekus Records on 28th February 2011) 




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