THE LIGHTS: ‘ No Match For Genevieve.’

If there was a checklist for the contents of a track which hoped to become a Radio 2-bothering summer hit, it would probably read a bit like this: 

–     Jangly Guitars.

–     Jaunty beat.

–     Title containing quirky girl’s name.

–     Male/female vocals.

–     Generous deployment of “la la la’s” and other forms of vocals which aren’t actually words.

–     Relatable lyrics which are easy to learn and sing-a-long to.

–     Band member wearing a trilby. 

“No Match For Genevieve” by The Lights contains all of these things. 

Is it original? Is it buggery. Does that matter? Not really. 

You get the sense that the goal here was not so much to create a stunning work of art as it was to write something fun that might get airplay on the aforementioned Radio 2. 

And it might well do that as it is actually pretty fun. It’s no slog to listen to and I actually found myself wanting to listen to it again.

However great it is now though, I suspect we may all be sick of it come the end of summer – but for The Lights that can only be a good thing. 

B-Side “Sunday Best” is a different beast altogether – which perhaps wouldn’t have been expected given the distinctly by-the-numbers approach of “…Genevieve”. It is a much more grown up song and is given over to the soulful voice of Liz Shiels. The effect is startling and almost feels like the work of a different band – although “…Genevieve” singer Shaun Kelly noticeably provides backing. 

Over both songs the two singers complement each other very well, despite the different styles on offer, suggesting that an album could be a surprisingly versatile affair. 

(Released through Sleep Now Records on 21st March 2011) 


Kenneth John Porteous

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