THE PRIMITIVES: ‘Never Kill A Secret’ EP

Apparently a favourite of Morrissey (and his mate Paul – thanks Wikipedia!), The Primitives return with their first new material since 1992. 

Reforming in late 2009 due to being reunited after the death of original bassist Steve Dullaghan, the band successfully toured the UK in 2010 leading to this, the release of “Never Kill A Secret”. 

The EP is everything you would expect from a band which had previously been split for almost 20 years – a bit retro, a bit, dare I say it, outdated. 

This is an EP which falls on the wrong side of old school. Nobody today is making music like this and while that may appeal to the older generations who loved them the first time around, it is unlikely to garner them any new fans. 

The striking thing about the EP is how short it is. Of the four songs on this collection – two of which are cover versions – only one lasts longer than three minutes. It is perhaps telling as well that the covers are the most interesting tracks here. 

“Need All The Help I Can Get”, originally by Suzi Jane Hokom sounds like an innocent Garbage from the 60s while Toni Basil’s “Breakaway” stands out as the only song on the EP to employ an interesting melody. 

The two original songs, “Rattle My Cage” and “Never Kill A Secret”, are completely enjoyable but instantly forgettable. The instrumentation never leaves first gear, staying wilfully uncomplicated. The vocals keep the lyrics – rife with single entendre – audible throughout. 

The sad fact is that, while completely inoffensive, this EP is as bland as this simile. 

(Release through Fortuna POP! on 7th March 2011) 


Kenneth John Porteous

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