THE QUAILS: ‘Games With The Devil.’

 Indie Pop Rock quartet The Quails return with ‘Games with the Devil’ the second single cut from their second album ‘Master of Imperfection‘. Its been eight months since the first single ‘Argentina’ was released and in that time The Quails have been busy. A summer supporting some high profile acts such as Motorhead, The Kooks and erm… Will Young and to top it off not one but two sets at Glastonbury festival

This song however does them no justice. It feels like it is being pulled in different directions by different influences within the band. The result is a song that is a bit disjointed and lacklustre. The writing is underwhelming and the arrangement is poor. You could listen to this song a dozen times and still feel no connection with it. It lacks the guitar hooks and catchy vocals that you generally expect from songs of this genre. 

This is very much a change of direction for The Quails compared to their previous releases. In fact there are a number of tracks on ‘Master of Imperfection’ in which they stray from their usual sound. If listened to separately you would be hard pushed to recognise they were all the product of the same band. Whether this is an attempt to diversify or to appease yearnings from within the band it really falls flat in parts. 

There are already a plethora of bands harvesting this market and competition is tough. ‘Games With The Devil’ unfortunately is a paltry effort and is unlikely to get much recognition ,which is a shame because I think this band have a lot to offer. 

(Released through Like The Sound Records on 07 March 2011)


Gary Moyes

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