THURSDAY release their sixth studio album on 11th April 2011!

New Jersey’s passionate rock band Thursday returns on April 11 with their most dynamic album to date, ‘No Devolución.’  On their sixth studio album, Thursday explores elements of post-rock, indie, art and experimental styles, blending it all with their post-hardcore roots for a beautifully cathartic experience unlike anything they’ve done before. 
Emotionally charged atmospheric guitars, rhythm and keyboards swirl in unison with Geoff Rickly’s inimitably intense vocals, painting a powerful cinematic-like soundscape and grabbing hold of listeners with each twisting turn. No longer merely the “screamo” band of yore, Thursday has transcended the genre they helped to spark with ‘No Devolución,’ which translates to “No Returns,” an appropriate title for a band consistently moving forward.

Here’s a taster!
Thursday – Magnets Caught In A Metal Heart by Epitaph Records

(A European Tour is currently being scheduled, with details expected soon.)


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